Hot Rod and Custom design is serious business. Owners and builders alike will benefit from an accurate and compelling design process that involves Eric from the initial stages of the project. Eric's design technique has evolved with the build in mind. “I absolutely understand that the design process is a means to an end.  It needs to be compelling, and accurate, but it’s not the end goal. We’re not out to create a drawing. I am constantly aware that they are going to build this thing, and my job is to help them visualize it.” With that in mind Eric uses techniques that allow the team to test ideas as quickly as possible.

While many of his contemporaries force shear design will on their work, Eric’s is a thoughtful pursuit of the timeless. Eric brings an extra set of eyes to the team along with an ability to visualize the build as accurately as possible. A keen understanding of tradition, and a visual imagination that is based in reality are a combination of tools that Eric brings to every project he takes on. "Today’s traditional Hot Rod and Custom builders have the ability stop the clock so to speak and create something of a particular era, whatever they choose. I’m honored to be a part of that time machine.”

If you would like to discuss your project with Eric feel free to contact him here.